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Plaid shirt

(no subject)

Sept. can't come fast enough finally there will be something on TV to watch. so I'M rereading Spikedulvs' 30 days of Kradam posts.
I miss them. Still not a fan of Adams' white/gray hair.

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Thank you. I hate it, too. I hope it's just a phase and he'll dye it back in a few weeks.

I want my dark-haired glam rock god back. *whines*

me too. there's nothing sexy about it at all. he looks old.

It's hard to look at. I tried to watch some of an interview from Japan on YouTube, but that's all I could see was his hair. *sobs*

I agree with you all I see is hair. same with pics. since he didn't dye the eyebrows it's really weird. yuck. someday, I want the dark haired rock god back.

I've watched some of the vids from Japan. He sounds amazing, but I try not to stare directly at the hair. ;)

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