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Plaid shirt


I heard this on the radio today. Would you give up your phone for the duration of your meal,  for a disount on your meal? you would get it back after your meal.  this is at a resturant in LA. The owner and cheif says it's to engourage the art of face to face conversation while at the dinner table. I have no problem with this, because the art of social interaction is lacking, and people have become clued to their phones. all people do text, Tweet or on FB. talking on the cell phone at the table is rude. turn it off while you eat and hanging out with friends.  Have you ever had a problem with people talking so loud on the cell phone while you are eating?  Have people forgotten what they did before cell phones?

I have seen this happen why do people talk on the phone while in the restroom? that would be the last place, I would want to tell people where i am. ugh.

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it wouldn't worry me either. I hate it when people are on the phone at dinner, or when you're out shopping with them. Fair enough if it's an important call, but if they're only on FB or twitter then just put it away.

I hate it when customers come through my checkout at work (supermarket) on the phone, it's unbelievably rude.

I agree. I hate it when I'm in a store shopping and people are talking so loud you can hear them. what also gets me people who are on the phone texting while walking at a cross walk and driving.

I might use my phone more, but I don't have an umlimited plan and want to be careful of overage charges.

All young people (30 and under) want to do is text. I work with some of these people.

that's why their social skills stink. and some of them can't write too good (30 and under) all they know is text lingo.

I shouldn't generalize because you might be thirty and under. :P

I don't know a lot of text lingo. I type the whole word out.

so do I on my phone it's a pain. I'm over 30.

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