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Plaid shirt

Kris and RCA part ways


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I'm not surprised. I wonder if it was a mutual thing or they dropped him due to poor sales. I hope not. *squishes him*

I believe he's with another record company now. He's too adorable not to be making music.

If it's due to poor sales, It's their fault for not promoting enough. all they care about is promoting no talent wonders.
that's right. too adorable.

I know. Top 40 radio has so much crap on it. It's like here another song by that same no talent-auto tuned singer/group. *eyeroll* I still hear Heartless and LLWD on the radio, but not much. Even Adam's stuff is not played too much in my area. WWFM is the one I hear the most.

This is why I listen to my playlist in the car. :P

all they do is play the same stuff every hour do they not have anything else to play? *eyes roll* i do hear LLWD some times that's it. As for Adam's stuff nothing not even the old stuff.

If i hear that stupid demi levado song one more time i'll scream!!

If I hear "Payphone" or "We Are Young" one more time I'll scream. I give radio a shot, but it usually disappoints. I have a good classic rock station I listen to a lot. Give me The Doors or Fleetwood Mac anyday over Coldplay.

I agree with you. Give me the old stuff over most of this crap they call music any day.. At least it's real music.

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